Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Night I Won the Right to the Streets of Memphis 10 On the Line Questions

1. What is the name of the story?
The name of the story is "The Night I Won the Right to the Streets of Memphis". It is about a boy who struggles to survive the streets of Memphis.

2. Who is the author of the story "The Night I Won the Right to the Street of Memphis?"
The author of the story is Richard Wright. The story is an autobiography which means that one of the characters of the story is Richard Wright.

3. Who narrated the story?
The story is narrated by the author Richard Wright.

4. What did the gang want to take from Richard?
The gang approched Richard and beat him up to take his money and send him home crying.

5. What did the mother give Richard to go to the store?
The mother gave Richard money and a note before she sent him out to the store.

6. Why didn't Richard's mother let him in the house after he told her he was scared?
Richard's mother would not let him back in the house because she wanted him to defend his self. She said that if he did not get the grocerys she would beat him

7. What did Richard's mother give him to defend his self ?
Richard's mother gave him a stick to go and fight the gang and get her grocerys. Richard used the stick to hit the boys in the head .

8. What did Richard say to the boys before he hit them?
Richard told the gang of boys the boys that if they did not leave him alone he would kill them.

9. Why did Richard yell at the adults ?
Richard yelled at the adults becaused they wondered why thier boys were hurt. He told the adults that he would hurt them too if they messed with him.

10. Did Richard finally get his mothers grocerys ?
After fighting the gang and yelling at the adults Richard finally got the grocerys.
That night he won the right to the streets of Memphis

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